The Sims 3 Daze

I am a very avid fan of The Sims 3 as most people in my life know. I love to play it to the point of almost obsession I guess you could say. I play pretty much any time I can.

I currently have a family (the Joneses) which consists of the matriarch Daveigh, who is a witch, her warlock son Gerard and his wife Charla, a young hardworking motivated young woman and their little boy Jack (who will also grow up to be warlock thanks to his innate powers).

I have big plans for this family, so it was so upsetting when Gerard was burnt alive after a little mishap with the workbench. You see, Gerard is a naturally-handy guy, so he decided that he would allow his wife to make herself a career (which was her dream since working at the Consignment Store, which also happens to be where they met) and work towards her life’s goal, while he would tinker around at home and take care of little Jack. Of course when his accident happened Jack wasn’t born yet, which made things all that more tragic. A few hours after Gerard died Charla gave birth but Charla and Daveigh were so consumed by Gerard’s death there was very little happiness when Jack was born.

Then one day, when Jack became a toddler, Gerard’s ghost began to roam the Jones’ home. Finally there was a chance to get him back, so Charla took his remains to the Science facility, but it was unsuccessful at bringing him back as a human, but at the very least he was once again a permanent fixture in the home, as he was able to pretty much do all the same things he could do when he was alive, including be there for his son.

Not being satisfied with having a ghost in my household though, I decided to cash in on some lifetime points and got Charla a genie lamp. And thanks to that kind genie Gerard has now become a human again and will continue with the life I had planned for all of them (until some horrible mishap happens again, which it did, but this time Daveigh was quicker at using her Ice Blast spell and so the fire was put out before it became deadly.)

Anyway, that’s pretty much where I am at. Not so interesting I guess once you see it typed out, but its a whole soap opera in my head. I didn’t even get into the life of Daveigh and Gerard before Gerard met Charla. I would tell more about it, but right now I honestly feel too lazy to get into it. One day maybe I’ll indulge you. Or not. I honestly don’t think anyone cares too much about what is going on in a little game. However for me its a little escape, and its fun, so I enjoy my time spent playing it.

So I will leave you now with the only shot I have of this little family, which it actually isn’t. Well actually it is. This is actually Daveigh on her wedding day. Yes, her husband Filip and her were quite the 70’s kids when they married, hence their outfits. And if you are curious as to what happened to Filip, you see he went through a bit of a middle life crisis and he felt like his family was holding him back. So he decided the best way to live his life was by starting over, so he divorced Daveigh leaving her terribly heartbroken. Of course, he regretted that decision shortly after, but Daveigh was to bitter to take him back. She has since vowed to place a curse on him, but hasn’t been able to yet. I don’t think she really cares anymore. Maybe she really still loved him too much to curse him. Oh what a long way their family has come since their happy wedding day!


(If you were wondering, why there are music notes coming out of his pants, his phone was ringing. Heavens knows who would dare interrupt his wedding 😛 I hope it was important. He didn’t answer though hahahah)



xo Goth


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