New beginnings?

It turns out that Goth got a shocking phone call today. It was one that I totally was not expecting but has some promise in it. I have been called in for a job interview.

Before you get ahead of yourself thinking this is only exciting because I am tired of my current job (which I am not entirely), the place that called me is sort of a big deal. It is one of the most prominent companies were I live and its only taking me….like three years of trying to finally get an interview.
I was so overwhelmed by the fact that this company was calling me that when the lady explained what position I was getting interviewed before was a little confusing. To be honest she sounded like she was too interested in getting me off the phone. I could tell by her annoyance when I kept asking (to be sure) what time the interview was for.

Once I hung up I realized this is a position I had not previously applied for, which to me only means that they pulled my resume from the open file for this position which is pretty exciting considering that my qualifications fall a bit short from what they are asking for. All I can assume is that based on my resume they see potential. And I guessing that the fact that I am fluent in spanish (a requirement) and that I had done my college internship with then helped.

I am going to go to the interview with an open mind, trying not to get too excited since there is always a possibility this is as far as its going to get. But I choose to believe that things are turning around for me. And if this is not the job for me then so bit, but at the very least this has restored some faith in myself.

Xo Goth


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