Playing the waiting game

Yesterday I went in for my second part of my job interview at the “possible” new job. It was nothing to spectacular for me since, what they asked me to do I pretty much do all the time. For free. So, now they told me they would call me between this week and next week so now its all about waiting to see what happens. I still have conflicting feelings about it. The biggest part of me though really would prefer to move on. Mentally I can already feel myself going forward and just, I am just ready to grow as person. I feel like, on an intellectual and personal level I have gotten out all that I needed out of my current job. Staying there long-term just makes me feel like its stunting my growth. Not to mention the annoyances that come with the fact that I feel like alot of people are starting to belittle me there. Honestly, as much as I would love to get into it, my heart is not in it. I guess its part of me growing up (or at least thats what I call it). I am just letting it go, eventhough I know I shouldn’t always just let things go, but the annoyances that come through…I guess I mostly blame myself, but I can’t help it. And the times when I should be confrontational I am not which I know I should, but I guess that is just my overly niceness in me. I can’t help it. And I don’t want to start that with anybody who will chew me out and spit me out.

That’s my thoughts for the night. I actually got distracted briefly by watching America’s Worst Tattoos and NY Ink lol, so I sort of lost my train of thought. I am so sorry hahaha. Watching these shows really make me want to get a tattoo though. Its on my bucket list. Hopefully someday I’ll go ahead and get a kick-ass tattoo. 🙂


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