What to do when you need to clear the air

I wish this was an insightful post about the proper procedure of clearing the air, but really its more of a question. It’s not that I don’t understand or know all the details about how one clears the air. Its more of a question as in when is it a good time to do it, how do you know its a good time, and what should you say (and how to say it). I guess that pretty much sounds like I don’t know, doesn’t it?


You see, my problem is always over-thinking and reading too much into what happens and people’s reactions towards me. I hate feeling like I need to say something but being too afraid because I don’t know how the next person is going to take it, or if they will even understand my point of view. It’s a social dilemma that I battle through pretty much everyday and whenever I think I’ve gotten the hang of it, I am thrown for a loop once again.

But my biggest issue is, how do you know if you should clear the air when it seems like everyone else doesn’t realize that the air needs clearing? Or worse yet, that they don’t think the air needs clearing because everything is working absolutely fine according to them?

I am so tired of being taken advantage of, of being treated like less of the person that I am, or of just flat out being cast out because of whatever judgments people have made up about me without even giving me the benefit of the doubt.  I don’t want people to always pretty up things for me or to treat me special, but I just want to be given leveled playing field and to stop being treated like I can’t do anything because I know within myself I am capable of a hell of alot more than what I do.


xo Goth


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