That Familiar Itch

So, tonight was the first time I would honestly say in a long time that I was actually listening to music. Yes, I do listen to my Ipod pretty much every single day in the car, but most of the time I am too consumed in my thoughts. But tonight, I was relaxed and was really listening. And oh how I missed the feeling you get from listening to an emotional song. Songs that completely sweep you off your feet.

The nicest part about this is that I began to feel inspired. The first thing that popped into my head were a few lines for a new song that is now in progress. It was quite nice and thrilling. I hadn’t written a heartfelt song in very long time. However, I also began to feel somewhat motivated to write. Actually, in all honesty, I’ve been feeling like I need a real creative outlet to go ahead and distract me from what afflicts me. For a very long time I have been toying with the idea of writing a book. I love creative writing and have written several stories in the past, but most remain unfinished because I lost the drive to continue. The only ones that did see it to completion are just short stories, which most of (if not all) were written for a class hence is why I had to finish them.  For once I don’t want that to happen, so I’ve been really trying to think of a good idea. 

I guess my life is so boring that thats why I am struggling to find a good idea. I am not necessarily looking for something ground-breaking, just something good. Something people could enjoy reading. I guess there is always the possibility of revisiting old ideas, but I just don’t want them to come across as…juvenile. Not that they are, but let’s just say my style of writing would probably be more appealing to a younger audience rather than a mature adult one.

I should come up with one. Maybe I ought to take a look at some of my old dream journals and find an interesting, off-the-wall idea. In the mean time I guess I’ll try my hand at some artsy/craft stuff…..although I am drawing blanks on what to do in respects to that too.


xo Goth


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